Retro KittyCAD Mug
  • Retro KittyCAD Mug
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Retro KittyCAD Mugs


*Limited Edition* Retro KittyCAD matte black campfire mug. 15-oz

Our KittyCAD mascot, a computer cat, was inspired by our co-founder Jess's fondness for the original Macintosh computer and symbolized KittyCAD's playful spirit. Originally featured on our very first website as an animated voxel character on a 3D LED dance floor, our KittyCAD mascot really stole the show while our company was in stealth mode. Even though KittyCAD is currently experiencing a “glow up” that will be revealed very soon, we will always pay homage to KittyCAD’s “retro” scene stealing origins.